Hungarian Culture

’Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!’ 

                                                                                                                          Luke 15.6

This website has been constructed for people who take an interest in the culture, history, geography and folk traditions of Hungary.

Outside of Hungary and the region, there are said to be about 2.5 million people with Hungarian roots all over the world. Many of them do not speak the language of their ancestors (or just a little). All the same, many of them wish to learn more about the nation and home of their grandparents.

In 2017, five of us in the Hungarian town of Gyula decided to assist in propagating the Hungarian culture and language through the web. The name of our website is “Könyvet a szórványba!” in Hungarian (“Books for the diaspora!” in English). At first, we were only thinking of Hungarians who live just across the border in neighbouring countries. We wanted to help them to preserve their native language and culture. Then, this year, we developed our idea and expanded it to include people in countries and on continents faraway who do not speak Hungarian. Fortunately, there are many in the world who know English and have an interest in Hungary as well as those who have an affinity for our nation, though they are not of Hungarian descent.

Naturally, our options, time and energies are limited. That is why we can only offer a little help, a bit of subjective inspiration for you to get to know more about the vast and wonderful world of Hungarian culture. We have found some interesting links (below). This is only a little boost to encourage you to explore the as yet unfamiliar and beautiful world of Hungarian culture.

As regards the possibility of finding out more and making contact locally, I was given some very good advice by the Secretary for National Policy of the Government of Hungary: the best way to learn more about and connect with Hungary would be to get in touch with your nearest Hungarian Scout Group or Hungarian House (House of Hungary, Sunday Schools etc.).

I wish you an enjoyable and successful search through the treasure trove of Hungarian culture.


Dr. Gábor Pocsay

Presbyter  Reformed Church
Town of Gyula (Hungary)

Gyula, 11 March 2022

For Children (complete recording)

 Zoltán Kodály:

Psalmus Hungaricus

Psalmus Hungaricus (Conductor: Zoltán Kocsis)